Tuesday, October 19, 2010


It's been a while since I posted. We've been busy!

My goal for the coming week is to finish taking photos of the last blocks I did for my Oregon Trail Quilt. The blocks are all done, so are the setting squares. That was my goal for last week--getting everything finished. Hopefully by the end of next week I will have the entire quilt top sewn together and, if I have more time than I thought, to have the border on the quilt, too!

Son1 and Prion were home last weekend. Prion was sick so we convinced her that her own bed would be a much better place to sleep and rest than her apartment. She also has 4 mid-terms coming up this week and has a tutor on hand here (Hubby), but not as easily accessible at school.

She is one smart cookie! But sometimes, as with all really intelligent people, she is forgetful of the mundane things. She brought her blankets and sheets home to wash this weekend. When she and Son1 left on Sunday afternoon, she forgot them. Monday morning saw me taking off for the 2 hour drive to deliver them to her. She slept in a sleeping bag on Sunday night. Both she and Son1 have sleeping bags in the trunk of the car just in case they go camping or have an emergency.

Son1 was helpful, as usual. He and Vet2Be cleaned out the buck pen and did a few chores around. Son1 also brought in a bunch of pine needles from a neighbor's yard and piled them in the poultry pen for winter.

I got part of one flower bed cleaned out.

Last week Vet2Be and his best friend, Taco, cleaned up the old wood pile, fixed up the stacked wood and tarped it for the winter, and put up some fencing. It's wonderful to have the mess in the yard gone, it filled up one entire garbage pail! And it is nice to have the wood pile ready for the coming snow.

Vet2Be is much better this year! Last year he was so sick because of the toxic fumes in the basement that he didn't get much school work done. He got more than half-way done with his Algebra, but this year he started again. I think all the toxic stuff from the basement is finally out of his system. Only now we are realizing just how sick he was. He started on Algebra 1 again, and remembers nothing from last year. He pushed and pushed to do work last year, but none of it stayed in his brain. I doubt he remembers any history or science, either.

With Vet2Be so motivated and awake this year, I've had time to work on quilts and knitting this fall! Yay!

And dehydrating tomatoes!

Sheepy's dad has lots and lots of tomatoes! She and her family got so tired of bottling them that she asked if she could borrow our dehydrators. Then she remembered that I had offered to dry pineapples for her (she once got a whole bunch of pineapples for free!) if I could keep half of them.

So, I get bushels and bushels of tomatoes for free and all I have to do is give Sheepy and her family half of the dry ones. I give her a little more than half because she has a bigger family and she and her dad did all the gardening.

Ahh... autumn! It's busy, just like the rest of the year, but I am glad for a change in work! I don't know if I would like a 'regular job' because it seems as if it would be the same thing month after month. Being a wife and mother means I get to change things a little from season to season, it's almost like having a vacation!

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