Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here in the West the season is called, "Fall". That's about it. Just fall....

If you travel up in the canyons and the mountains, you can see some color on the trees. Especially the yellows of Quaking Aspens. People out here love to drive the mountain roads to see all the color.

Growing up in New England I have a much different definition of 'color on the mountains.' In fact when I first moved out here 30 years ago I heard lots of people saying, "Look at all the color on the mountains! It is beautiful this year!" Honestly, I wondered what they were talking about!

My daughter is living in New England now. This is her first Autumn. You really can't call it Fall in New England. "Fall" doesn't paint as enchanting and magical a picture as the word"Autumn" does.

She posted some beautiful pictures on her blog. I stole them so you could enjoy them, too. (Don't worry, I told her.)

I imagine the air is filled with the scent of cinnamon and crisp apple-sweetness where ever she walks, whether or not there are apple trees nearby.

This is the lake she and her husband live on.

A photo of the hills across the lake.

She wrote that it was so hard to describe the beauty that she is surrounded by. She wants a better camera because the camera she has just doesn't capture the colors as well as she would like it to. Here's the note I left on her blog:


I am always homesick in the fall. If you move away from New England, you will be, too.

You are right, it is indescribable to people who haven't experienced it themselves. And a vacation to tour the fall leaves just isn't the same as living the season from it's subtle beginning to it's snowy end.

I know people think the Rocky Mountains are awe-inspiring, and they are. But nothing is as breathtaking as Autumn in New England. The glory of the hills full of color, the sound of gentle breezes through the rustling leaves, cool, quiet nights that beg to be wrapped in a sweater, the fragrance that hangs in the air, and the gentle spirit of the earth getting ready for a peaceful, winter dream.

When autumn is in the air, it is a magical time that fills all your senses.  It is the season I look forward to all year long!

Here in the Rocky Mountains--it is "Fall", a plain, ordinary word to describe the season. Hubby said that Fall in the West is like having three sparklers at a 4th of July celebration.

When I remember this time of year in New England, I use the word, "Autumn" with a smile on my face and peace in my heart. And in my dreams I am sitting wrapped in a sweater on the screen porch of the lake-house that belonged to my Grandma for many, many years. Cherished memories fill my soul.

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