Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You Are Dead Meat!

Blackie decided that he was going to start head-butting the dairy girls in their sides. I saw him do it one evening when I was out doing chores.

"If you do that again, you are dead meat!" I yelled.

Well, duh! I guess I figured out where that saying came from.

He continued to push the girls around for the next few days so Vet2Be decided to put him in with the buck and the wether. They pushed Blackie around for a few days, but he asked for it by starting every fight, so he really deserved it!

Blackie, who isn't really all black anymore.
He didn't calm down one bit! In fact, he got worse and started going after anyone that came in the pen.

We were planning on keeping him since he is wethered and he used to be really nice with people. Last Christmas he was one of the sheep in a live Nativity and everyone loved him.

But... the Number One Rule On the Farm is: "Be Nice, or Be Tasty."

So we found a neighbor who had room for Blackie.... in his freezer.


Linda said...

Good job!

TJ said...

We would have put him in our freezer.... but we already have 3 lambs and 1/4 pork in it.

I was a little sad because he was so sweet and friendly with people until about 3 months ago.

Linda said...

Ah, well I have to admit I was curious why you didn't put it in your own freezer, but hey that sounds like a very good reason to me! LOL