Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Still Cleaning With Rags

I really, really like these t-shirt rags! Here is a link to my original post about cleaning with rags.

I decided that the 6" rags were much too small for me. I like the 10" rags much better. I also found that I don't like dark colored shirts for cleaning. When I use them on the does udders, they leave some color behind in the water. If I have a little bit of bleach in the cleaning water in the house, it does the same thing.

I saw a bag of rags at the grocery store... they were charging $10! And it wasn't a big bag of rags!

The very next Saturday Prion and I happened on an Annual Church Fundraising Yard Sale. It was "Whatever you can fit in a grocery bag is $2" day. Yay!

Of course I went searching for t-shirts and managed to fill my bag with about 12 white and gray shirts with as little printing on them as I could find. One woman asked what I was doing with so many t-shirts. I told her I was going to cut them up for rags. She said, "Maybe you should look for some older ones...." Since it was the last day of their Yard Sale, I didn't think that anyone would miss a few t-shirts from 8 huge tables of clothing!

I took them home and cut them up. I get about eight 10" rags from an adult t-shirt. I throw away the sleeves and around the neck, since they are smaller than I like to use.

Here's my stack ready to do some bathroom cleaning. This is a newly cut stack of rags. They don't lay as nicely after they are washed. But I store them in an old bucket in the washroom, so it doesn't much matter to me if I don't have to fold and stack them.
The bucket on the left has dirty rags in it, the one on the right has rags in cleaning solution ready to be used.  I love how my cleaning water stays clean the whole time I am cleaning the bathroom! No more yucky rags wiping down the next surface.


~Tonia said...

I love using T-shirt rags. I can barely bring my self to even buy wash clothes for bathing but that is one of those things my hubby would rebel about!Lol
I leave some fairly big and I like most light colored, gray or white make the best rags. I do have some darker colored but they usually get used for drying.
Thank you for the comment and asking to link back.. I dont mind linking back to my blog at all! So go ahead.

TJ said...

Thanks a bunch Tonia. I have talked and talked until my face is blue about people disbudding their little kid goats. Sometimes people think, "It will never happen to my sweet goats!"

Well, we've had it happen here, too! Two horns in the morning--one horn and a bloody mess in the afternoon.