Friday, September 24, 2010

Someone Needs a Babysitter

This is Carson. His best friend is Rosco. Rosco had to leave for a little while on Tuesday for training. Carson is a bit lonely so his owner asked if he could come over and play with the goats today.

So, Carson is here for a few hours so that he doesn't run himself ragged with worry!

Carson isn't locked into the run. He's having a snack with Scorpio who is inside the stall.
Carson is a really beautiful horse that does well in the Hunter-Jumper shows around here. Last year his owner was the top rider on the circuit! He was bred and born next door. It has been wonderful to watch Carson grow up and become such a wonderful horse!

We're anxiously waiting for Rosco to turn out as well as Carson. I'm sure he will. His owners are wonderful, caring horse owners.

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Anonymous said...

E 'vero! Ritengo che questa sia un'ottima idea. Sono d'accordo con te.
Assolutamente d'accordo con lei. In questo nulla in vi e credo che questa sia una buona idea. Pienamente d'accordo con lei.