Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rosie and Annie

The two doelings that Vet2Be is keeping this year are Rosie and Annie. He's been waiting 4 years for a doeling out of Clover, his Nubian, by Scorpio, his Saanen Buck. S'nubians are supposed to be the best milkers ever! They produce a wonderful 4% butterfat milk (like Nubians) and have the production capacity of a Saanen (in the summer her mom produces 6-7 lbs a day).

Rosie was born with a huge personality and loving people! And we hope that she will provide lots and lots of milk in the spring!

Rosie, a S'nubian with a big personality! Happy pushing the limits, full of joy and mischief!
Cute girl!

Annie is quiet and gentle, just like a Saanen. That is one of the reasons why we love Saanens. They are kind-hearted and affectionate. We hope that Annie will be just like her mom who will adopt any kid-goat who looks like they need a snack. Her mom is also a registered 6* milker, hopefully Annie will take after Janice in that way, too.

Annie will be Vet2Be's show goat next season. The picture doesn't do her conformation justice, but it shows her easy-going face and deer-like ears.

Annie and Vet2Be at the County Fair. Isn't she beautiful?
Vet2Be has already started working with them on the milk stand. He brings them in each evening for a little treat while he touches their udder. They are getting used to the routine and already look forward to it. They will be bred sometime in November for a late spring kidding.

One thing about farming and ranching is that you are always looking to the future and planning ahead. Besides learning to work hard, Vet2Be has learned patience, diligence, and planning for the future. And so have I.


Sue said...

Annie's got a beautiful smile! Vet2Be is a luck boy to be raised around all that love.

TJ said...

Thanks. Vet2Be is a weird kid--he knows he's lucky! And he's usually appreciative.

~Tonia said...

I like Annie too! Farm kids who are raised righ usually have more of an appreciation I think.. Or ANY kid raised right!lol My kids complain about chores sometimes who doesnt but they are good about making sure its done. They are much better about getting outside chores done than inside!LOL