Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Anvil

Son1 worked at a living history museum about 40 minutes from us when he was in Jr. High. He was the blacksmith's apprentice and got to work on some really fun projects.  He now has lots of books on blacksmithing and loves working with metal whenever he gets the chance.

When he got home from Mexico, Hubby bought him an anvil. We had been looking for one for the two years he was gone. They are really hard to find used!

This week as Son1 was heading to college he realized that he needed a music stand. The collapsible metal ones are really flimsy. I have a few in the music closet just for emergencies, but they aren't in very good shape. I have some sturdier stands, but they are harder to transport and college dorm rooms aren't known for their size.

Son1 decided to use his metal working skills to fix one of the flimsy metal ones.

You can't see the propane tank behind Son1. The flame is coming out of a weeding 'flame thrower' that we bought at the local farm supply store. He said it isn't hot enough to do much more than fix household things, but he was glad to use his anvil anyway!
Last week he used his anvil and flame thrower to fix a hanging chair base that Vet2Be sat on wrong and broke. It was great to see Son1 doing something he loves! And I didn't realize how nice it would be to have an anvil around the house.

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