Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mandy's Crib

Just a photo of the crib that Hubby and Carpenter fixed up for the bummer lamb, Mandy.

 Hubby cut off the legs of a regular baby crib that I found on Freecycle.

  Carpenter used some corner brackets to hold the sides onto the crib ends. We used cement board to keep Mandy from jumping out. We happened to have some left over from the tile floor--and it is really heavy. We laid a tarp on the floor, then put the crib on top, then added the straw. We used a little dog crate covered with a few old towels so she could stay out of any drafts.

 Here she is eating her lamb crumbles. They are in an old sour cream container that I drilled holes in and then tied to the corner. 

She is quite cozy in her crib. She has room to move and she can stay warm at night in the little dog crate tucked at one end. 

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