Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just Busy

I haven't been writing much again. Vet2Be has been sick, again! This year I am very grateful that we are homeschooling him. If we weren't he would be failing with all the illnesses he has had to deal with.

Some days I get to feeling a bit sorry for myself because the work load falls mostly on me when he is sick. Hubby spends a significant amount of time on business trips, and often Son1 is with him. Son1 did help this morning in the barn, and I am very grateful for that! He even held one of the goats while I trimmed her hooves!

I would rather look on the bright side, though, and so even if I get a little discouraged I try to find the silver lining. And that is, even though Clover has a kid on her, she is still giving us a gallon of milk a day. And even though Janice has two kids on her, she is still giving us a quart a day. That's nice!

And although my yogurt failed miserably for the third time in a row (I think the Yogourmet starter was bad) the Chevre I made was so creamy and smooth and delicious! It reminded me of cream cheese. I know it is because Clover's milk is so creamy! There is usually 2" of cream on the top of the 1/2 gallon jar!

On the list of things to do:
Help Son1 put up shelves in his room
Make more cheese and yogurt
Make more buttermilk
Get my quilt squares done for Saturday
Sew up the alpaca coat so I don't loose her fleece again this year
And that doesn't even include the music for the choir or for the little bluegrass band that Vet2Be plays in!

Isn't life wonderful? There are always so many interesting, enjoyable, and rewarding things to do!
I hope you have a blessed day, too!


Sarah said...

Hello! I stumbled upon your blog the other day and am enjoying your posts very much. Hope Vet2be feels better.

TJ said...

Thanks, and thanks for stopping by my blog! I always appreciate comments!