Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Experiment

I wanted to see just how well Hubby's sanitizing solution worked on the does' udders so we did an experiment last week.

I washed the does' udders in the sanitizing solution, all of them with the same solution using the same paper towel. Then I took the water into the house and Vet2Be put 1ml on a petri dish and set it in the incubator (not for chicks, Hubby is a chemist, we happen to have an incubator for incubating other experiments :).

The yucky water after we washed the does udders with it.

Vet2Be incubated the sample for 3 days.

The incubator.

The sample Vet2Be put in the incubator. I should have taken the lid off because all you see right now is the condensation.

Nothing grew! That means that when we wash the does udders we kill all the bacteria and viruses that are present!

Clean udders are one of the steps in clean, great tasting milk!

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