Monday, November 23, 2009

Cornhusk Doll

Last week we made corn husk dolls. This is mine. Her hair is dried corn silk and her kerchief is a scrap of 1860's reproduction fabric.

I have never made a corn husk doll before, but I thought it was fairly easy and lots of fun. I wish I had time to make a Nativity set, or at least some for a centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table.

Ella will sit on the sewing table for a while, and then I'll store her in our box of Pioneer clothing. From time to time people ask to borrow period clothing or toys and Ella will be a perfect addition to a little girl's outfit.

Here is where we found the directions:  NativeTech


Grandma Elsie said...

I remember those corn husk dolls well. Been years since I really seen one.. Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

TJ said...

You, too! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Glad to have you back, I guess everything worked out well with your computer.

Have a great week!