Saturday, October 3, 2009

Oregon Trail Quilt: Kansas Dugout

My friend got me started on another quilt. We are blessed in our area with a number of quilt stores that do a 'Free Block Club' and class. After you sign up for the class time you want to attend, you pay for the first kit that includes the pattern and fabric to make four blocks of the same pattern. If you get those four blocks done before the next class, the next kit is free!

This year's class is called Oregon Trail. The classes run each month from September through the following August. The quilt blocks will all have something to do with the pioneers that crossed the United States using the Oregon Trail. There are three different color-ways we could choose from: Neutrals, Reproduction 30's, and Reproduction 1860's. I chose the Reproduction 1860's fabric.

September's block is called Kansas Dugout. Although I did not use the pattern from Quilter's Cache, the site gives similar directions to the ones that I received at the store.

The pattern they gave us in class.
You should be able to click on the image above and then right-click and save as to your computer.

Here is one of the photos they shared in class of a real Kansas Dugout. I can't put the photo in the blog entry because it would probably be copyright infringement. But the link above will take you to a photo you can look at. And here is another page with information about Prairie Dugouts. One of the fun things about the class is that they teach a mini-history lesson along with how to sew each block.

 September 09, Kansas Dugout, Free Block Club and Class
Photo of my September blocks completed and ready for class!

Each month we will receive a new pattern and fabric to make the next four blocks. Hopefully I will be able to keep up and get my fabric and patterns for free! And I hope to post my progress each month, too.


Grandma Elsie said...

Now this is something I would like to join ... I don't have time to do anything else though. lol
I am behind on my knitting and also have some crocheting to do and my GD wants me to make her a library book bag and ....
i have about 10 books to read IF its get too cold to go out for me this winter so i am in fine shape.
you will make it with the quilting I know. What are you going to do with them ?

TJ said...

Yes, you would probably have a great time. There are all ages in our class, from a 10 year old to Grandmas!

I'm not sure how the quilt will turn out in the end. This store has offered this Free Block Club for many years. Each year is a different theme. I've attended a few other years and I usually wait until the last month's blocks are sewn before I decide on the setting for the blocks.

I am behind on lots of things, too. I guess that is good because I am never bored! I'm sure you aren't either.