Sunday, October 4, 2009

Loving animals....

Our very good friends lost their puppy this week. Charlie was one of those puppies that not only loved kisses, hugs, and attention, he thrived on them. He was happy to see the children whenever they wanted to play and he was content to play in the yard by himself, too. He proved that the third time is the charm since the other two puppies they had tried before just didn't fit in their family of seven children. They loved him so much and he brought such joy to their family.

He carried his bowl in his mouth like Snoopy, and he even flipped it in the air like Snoopy. He had a squeaky rubber hamburger that was one of his favorite toys. Sometimes he would just hold it in his mouth and make it squeak over and over.

He was also a curious puppy, as many puppies are. He found the mouse poison that had been set in their shed. No one had any idea that he would be able to get into it. They had no idea that Charlie would find the poison enticing, either.

My friend called us late in the evening after they had figured out why Charlie had not been feeling well all afternoon. We looked up the treatment and they tried it, but it was not soon enough. Charlie passed away during the night.

I feel so badly for this family. I remember when we lost one of our goats because we didn't know the symptoms of bloat and we didn't know how to treat it. By the time we figured it out, it was too late. We knew it was our fault that our beautiful goat had died. But it was because of our inexperience and lack of knowledge, not because we intended to kill him. I think that Heavenly Father knows our intentions and I think He understands that we are doing our very best to take care of the gifts that He has given us.

Our friends had no idea that Charlie's symptoms indicated that he ate mouse poison. They feel horrible and I wish there was some way to comfort them. I know they are planning on another puppy as soon as they can find one as sweet as Charlie. I'm glad that they have room in their hearts for another dog. The new one won't replace Charlie, but a new puppy will comfort them and ease their heartache.

I believe that all animals go to heaven and that Heavenly Father knows what is in our hearts especially when we are inexperienced and we are doing our best.

I thought I would post the link that we found the most helpful just in case I need it again sometime. I hope I never do, and I hope that no one I knows needs it, either.

 From the website: "The symptoms you'll see are lethargy, weakness, cold limbs, and pale gums. You may also notice bloody urine, blood in the stools, and nose bleeds. If you see your pet ingest rodent bait or suspect that it has, do not wait for symptoms to show, it maybe to late if you do"

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