Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall Chicks?!

We went out to the barn Wednesday morning to milk and Vet2Be saw Midnight (the cat) looking as if she was listening closely to something in the hay stack. Vet2Be went over and listened, too. He thought he heard a bird caught in the hay somewhere so he went looking around on top of the pile of hay bales to see what he could find.

He found a hen sitting on a nest of eggs with 2 chicks. Then he noticed that some of the chirping was coming from a different spot! He looked between the outer wall of the barn and the inner wall and saw another chick about 8 feet down.

That is a long way down!

He was wondering if there was any way to get the chick out. Yup! A net duct-tapped to the end of a long pole. The other option was to move the entire 4 1/2 tons of hay out of the way and remove the bottom 2x6 to get to the chick. Needless to say, he decided to try the stick and net idea.

It took him about 45 minutes to get the little chick out of the narrow between the walls area and bring it safely to it's mother hen. He was very happy with himself! So was I. It took lots of dedication to stick to that task. No complaining, no giving up, he just kept at it until he got the chick out.

In the process of trying to get the chick out, he also dropped the camera down the hole. After he got the little chick out, it only took him a few moments to grab the camera out with a hook attached to the bottom of a pole.

He decided that the floor was a better place for the hen and her chicks so he gathered up the new family and put them in a dog crate on the floor of the barn. Hopefully they will be warm and safe down lower.

And of course..... last week I decided that there was no reason to keep the chick starter crumbles that were left over from the last batch of chicks earlier this summer. We dumped all of it into the chicken feeder and let the poultry finish it off. I thought it was better than letting the mice get into it over the winter. So Vet2Be had to crush up lay pellets to make sure the little chicks had something they could eat. I don't know how well they will do with lay pellets, but I am not going to buy a 50 lb bag of chick starter in the fall!

I'm glad the hen hatched out her chicks. It is always easiest for us when the mama raises her own young and we don't have to help. I can't imagine raising chicks at this time of the year. Yesterday winter hit here, too, so it was cold and rainy. I really don't want to try to keep these little ones warm and dry right now. I'm glad they have a mom to take care of them.

There is one of the chicks to the left of the hen.


Anonymous said...

wow what a surprise! I am glad that you got the chick out it is a good thing you noticed midnight listening to the little ones.

Grandma Elsie said...

What a smart kid. What age is he now ? What would you do without him.. He must be fun to be around. you were blessed when the good Lord gave you him.
Hope the hen will take good care of those chicks. Really is late for her to have been setting..what they won't do.
thanks for your kind comments on my table scape. I won't cook the pies as long as the directions calls for next time. It is suppose to be more like egg custard but came out more like cake. it is lemon for sure .

TJ said...

Yes, he is a blessing and lots of fun to have around. He is 5 years younger than his next oldest sibling--he is 14 now.

I took a video of the hen and her chicks this morning. Hopefully I can figure out how to post it. Just watching the hen and her chicks brings a smile to our faces in the morning!

Your table settings remind me of my Aunt and my Grandma. My Aunt is still with us and loves to set a beautiful table!