Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweaters for Kid Goats

Newborn kid in a Kiddie Goat Sweater

Although I have 6 of these on hand for spring, now is a good time to make a few extra to store. I thought some of you might like the pattern, too.

My pattern is modified from Shirley Smith's pattern found at Fias Co. Farm. You can find my pattern on the same page along with the original pattern, a hand-knit pattern, and a crochet pattern. If these sweaters don't fit your kid goats, you can alter the pattern by loosening or tightening the tension on your knitting machine.

All our kids wear sweaters for at least three days after they are born. We generally have kids born in March and April and it makes us feel better to know that they are spending their energy growing instead of keeping warm. Some kids have worn theirs for as long as two weeks depending on the weather.

I make all my sweaters from Lion Brand Wool-Ease. I like the idea of having some wool in the sweater because wool holds moisture and keeps heat in better. But I also like the idea of being able to machine wash and dry these sweaters! I use whatever leftovers I have from other projects. Some of the sweaters have 3 or more colors. I don't have photos of all of them, but you can see a few below.

Check out the pictures below, the kids are so cute in their little sweaters!

Here is the pattern. You should be able to click on the link and download it in a PDF format.

Goat Sweater


Grandma Elsie said...

Aw how sweet ..They look adorable with the sweaters on..
Boy you stay busy on your farm..That makes life good thought.
Feels like frost is in the air here in Virginia.

~Tonia said...

I cheat... I cut the sleeves out of old sweaters, sweat shirts and fleece shirt and fit them on the babies if needed.. I get them from thrift stores for a little of nothing... Then cut the big pieces from the front and back to either line baskets/boxes for bottle babies or cover them up if having trouble staying warm!!

Anonymous said...

awww they look so cute! I cant wait till the day comes and i can have some goats of my own to take care of.

Anonymous said...

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