Monday, September 28, 2009

The New Girl

I couldn't resist the chance to buy this little doeling from our friend. She is a daughter of our buck and she is polled! She is also registered so Vet2Be can show her next year. She has the best conformation of the triplets born to Gidget this spring, too. Her name is Pearl and she is a beauty!

Sadly, my good friend would not let me her buy her--she insisted that she wanted to GIVE her to Vet2Be. I have to think of something extra special to do for this good friend who is always sharing so many wonderful things with us.

What about the doeling that Vet2Be was going to keep? He might decide to sell her since she is a sweetie and will go to a good home. We weren't really planning on adding another dairy goat to the herd, which is why he sold her mother-Glacier, but this was such a wonderful opportunity to have a beautiful, registered doeling that I didn't want to pass it up! Sometimes things just feel 'right' and I have learned that feeling means that the Holy Spirit is whispering to me. If I follow the prompting--things work out better than I could have expected.

The small farm where Pearl was born called her "Snotty" because she was not the nicest of the triplets born to Gidget this spring. The other two were much sweeter in temperament. Vet2Be and I have always been able to change a borderline temperament into a sweet and loving one. We've never had to deal with a real stinker but we wouldn't take anyone that badly behaved, anyway. The number one rule on the farm: Be nice, or be tasty!

I met Pearl last Tuesday night along with the other two doelings from that kidding. Our friend wanted to use our weight tape * to see how much her kid goats weighed. She also dropped off Gidget to be bred to our buck again. Two years in a row this pair has produced triplet doelings! Both years there were 2 polled kids and one that needed disbudded. We are all hoping for another great year.

I thought Pearl was lovely and I didn't notice any problems with her personality. My friend said Pearl was sweeter after she left here on Tuesday than she has ever been. I guess she was meant to be ours, what a blessing for us!

Pearl's mother, Gidget. She is so sweet :) 

* If you are curious about using a weight tape but don't have one (or don't want to buy one) and want to use a sewing tape measure instead, look here. Surprisingly, this way of measuring a dairy goat's weight is fairly accurate.


Anonymous said...

She is very pretty! A nice addition to your family.

~Tonia said...

She is so cute! I have had real stinkers of a goat go to someone else and be good as gold!!

TJ said...

Sometimes I think it is their place in a specific herd that adjusts their personalities. But we've never had any awful ones to start with.

Thanks for the comments!