Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grapes into Grape Juice

My good friend had a chance to pick grapes and she picked 4 boxes for us! We love grape juice and this was a wonderful gift. She is a good friend that has given Vet2Be a number of animals that she was culling from her herd. We have loved each one.

Bottling grape juice is not as much work as bottling fruit. I gave away 3 bushels of nectarines this year because I didn't have the time to do anything with them before they would spoil. The friends that got them were so excited, so I know they went to good use.

Vet2Be and I can take care of grapes because they don't take as much time as bottling fruit. Most of the time is spent pulling the grapes from the stems. Then we can let them sit in the steamer for a while until we have a few minutes to put the juice in the jars.

We got a few jars done today. Tomorrow I'll be spending lots more time getting them all juiced.

Also on the list for this week: picking and pressing 3 trees worth of apples, and shearing 3 Navajo Churro lambs.


Anonymous said...

those grapes sure look good : )

TJ said...

Thanks! I can hardly believe how much juice I am getting from them this year!