Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Done with Grapes

I have finally finished with grape juice! I gave away the last box because I was too tired to do them. We got about 30-ish quarts of juice from this batch.

Here is how my juicer is set up on the stove. I have to pull my stove away from the wall about 10 inches otherwise the microwave gets in the way.

I love these buckets! They are so easy to clean and move. Since they are flexible, it also makes it easy to 'pour' the grapes into the strainer basket of the juicer.

It always seems as if there is still some juice in the grapes when I am done with them. So I put them in a strainer which just happens to fit in my mixing bowl to get the last few drops out. I usually put the juice from the strainer into the refrigerator and drink it instead of bottling it. The chickens get the leftover grape skins and seeds. They love their treat, too.

Most of the jars of juice :) Yummy! We gave a few away to friends because we have such nice friends. It is always fun to share some of the harvest.

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