Friday, August 28, 2009

Remembering stuff....

Here is an article that I found on a veterinary medicine website called dvm360 If you scroll to the bottom of the current page you will find a link to an article titled

Help clients remember parasite preventives

Clients tell us they forget to administer their pets' monthly heartworm preventive or flea control—even when they put a reminder on the calendar. To help increase compliance, we recommend they program their cell phone to remind them. The phone alerts them on the day the medication is due. I do this to remember my own pet's medications, and it works great.
Dr. Melisa Hicks, Long Beach, Calif.

I think I will give this a try. We usually remember when to update vaccinations and administer other routine 'drugs' because we have a calendar out in the barn that we record milk production on, but I think this will give me one more reminder so I don't forget!

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Tara said...

What a great idea! I just added my dogs meds to my cell phone calendar after reading this. I also use Outlook Calendar but sometimes am not on my computer when I need to be to see an event on the Outlook Calendar reminder. My cell is always with me, though. Thanks for the tip.