Wednesday, August 26, 2009

JB Stick!

Our aluminum strip cup handles were not doing well at all! After 3 years of milking and running it through the dishwasher the handles were weak and the welds were starting to break.

I happened to have some JB Stick as well as a cheaper version on hand for fixing the patio table. The plastic supports on the patio table legs were broken and I was curious to see if I could fix them with this type of glue. Last night I decided to try a some of the cheaper brand on the aluminum strip cup since I had used all of the JB Stick on the patio table.

If you haven't used these products before, I highly recommend them! It is a putty type 'glue' that you mix like clay. Make sure your fingers are wet so that it is easier to blend! It is a steel reinforced sealant that works on all sorts of surfaces and sets in about 5 minutes. It is supposed to handle heat and weather well, too.

You can see how much I used to strengthen the cup handle. I did this to both handles. The large handle is the one that had cracks in the welds. If it doesn't hold up well in the dishwasher, I'll let you know. This morning it was wonderful to have sturdy handles on the strip cup again!

The JB Stick brand is grey. I used the JB Stick on two legs of the table. The white color in the other photos is the off brand. Both are easy to work with and they seem to hold up the same.

Here is the off brand that I used on the other two legs of the patio table. The table is outside on the patio and gets hit with the sprinkler every day. It isn't in the sun very much each day because we have trees in the yard. I'm very interested to see how well this stuff holds up through the winter.

I'm glad I bought the off brand as well as the JB Stick and used them both on the patio table. I can do a side-by-side experiment and see how each of them holds up through the winter. I'm also curious to see if it holds up to the dog who likes to sit on the table in the winter.

Tipsy, the dog who loves snow, sitting in her favorite spot on top of the patio table after a storm.

I bought the JB Stick at Wal*Mart and the off brand at the local grocery store that also happens to have a small hardware section. I've got to go buy some more to have on hand. I think it is a great product to have on hand all the time.


~Tonia said...

Hmm thats interesting I am sure to find all sorts of uses for some thing like that.. Lol at the dog on the table!!

Tara said...

I'll be curious to see how this stuff works and whether it holds up. I'll be lookin' for the updates.