Sunday, June 14, 2009


I made another batch of yogurt using the same starter. I read that if I added powdered milk that the yogurt would turn out thicker and more like store-bought yogurt.

It did! I added 1 1/2 cups powdered milk to 1/2 gallon of milk as the milk was heating. Then I added the starter. It didn't turn out as thick as I would like it to, so the next time I try it I will add 2 cups of powdered milk (about 1 cup powdered milk for each quart of goat milk).

Mmmm..... it is delicious!

The next thing I'll try when I make yogurt is to add some Morning Moos instead of powdered milk. We have lots of cans of Morning Moos in storage since it tastes much better than powdered milk. Now that we have goats we probably won't need it and it would be a good idea to use some of it up


Busy Grandma Elsie said...

I love cottage cheese. In fact I had some for lunch today.
Happy fathers day to your hubby.I know he is a good father.

TJ said...

Yes, he surely is! I hope your day was brighter than expected! And I hope your trip was wonderful.