Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Benefits of milking :o)

One of the benefits of milking 4 goats by hand morning and night is that my fingers and hands are getting much stronger! That may not be impressive for most people, but since my first choice in hobbies is playing and teaching guitar, it has been wonderful! I was practicing a piece by Fernando Sor last night and the notes were much stronger than the last time I played! To me, that is a wonderful benefit!

No stall cleaning today, instead I weeded the onions and the garlic. We didn't add any manure to the garden last winter. Vet2Be and I put it all in the dry lot area in front of the barn hoping that we could improve the soil enough to plant pasture grass. The soil around here has alot of clay in it. The garden seems to have the most clay on the whole property! This winter all the manure and straw from the stalls will be in the garden again, it really needs it. We've been adding to the garden for most of the 14 years we have lived here and it has made a big difference in the quality of the soil, t's just time to add more.

The garden is growing well. The peas haven't died in the heat... yet. Hopefully we will get a few before the days reach 90+ degrees.

There is so much cheat grass growing right now. We haven't been able to keep it under control. Hubby is going to mow it tomorrow with a bagger on and put all the seeds into the garbage. The lambs have seeds stuck in their fleece and some seeds have worked their way down near their skin. I'm sure it isn't very comfortable.

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