Monday, April 13, 2009

A few animals around the farm

We have such a fun life living on the farm!

This is Vet2Be's favorite doeling. Her name is Kathy and Vet2Be is keeping her :o) Kathy follows Vet2Be around like she is a puppy and will probably be leash trained by the end of the month. Don't you just love the snazzy sweater I knit for her! Purple is Vet2Be's favorite color :D

This is the ram that Vet2Be is raising for a friend. He is almost big enough for the freezer. He loves to play with the soccer ball that is out in the field.

Here is the orphaned lamb that Vet2Be got last Sunday night. He's really cute and sweet.

Here is the other orphaned lamb that Vet2B is raising. He's cute, too. This one's name is Lamb Chop (he's got a future, ya know what I mean?! So does his half-brother in the other photo, but we haven't got a good name for him yet) They are both being raised on goat milk.

Here is a photo of the beehive that Vet2Be and Dad put together. The bees will be here next week. Dad also ordered another hive so if we get a call about a swarm, we'll have a hive ready to go for them! Vet2Be won the hive in the Bee a Beekeeper Essay contest.

This is Vet2Be and Daisy. Daisy's mother is a llama and her father is an alpaca. That is why she looks like an alpaca. She is really sweet and will come up to most people--especially if they are new. She scares young kids because she loves to sniff them and they have no idea what this big fuzzy animal is doing coming over to them! When she is running around in the pasture, she looks like a live stuffed animal :o)


Busy Grandma Elsie said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog. I live in Va.
i will be checking back to see when you post again. Sounds like a fine family with lots of love.My kind of living.
Elsie <><

~Tonia said...

I have a name suggestion for the other lamb... Rump Roast!! lol We have had all kinds of names started with Cauliflower about 5 years ago.. Kids wounldnt let me name him Cheeseburger. But since then we have had everything from Garlic and onion to pepperoni!!! Helps them become adjusted to their fate or so I tell myself!lol Daisy is so cute. I love animals who seem to be attracted to kids more than adults it makes them special I think.. We had a horse who was ornery with adults sometimes but a toddler come up and it was like awww how cute a little human.